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About Us

Mission Statement

“Producing the finest quality e-Liquids worldwide by embracing current technology with unmatched creativity.”


Halcyon Vapors ® was founded in 2012 and officially formed in 2013.  We are a robust creative team based out of California, USA. All of our manufacturing is done by our partner Molecule Labs Inc who is also based out of California, USA.

Molecule Labs is a GMP Complaint, ISO7 Certified and AEMSA Certified laboratory.  Abiding by these strict standards and practices, we are able to provide you with our best product by utilizing such a great team of manufacturing professionals.

Halcyon Vapors has four grass roots eliquid flavors, that continue to withstand the test of time.  Apachi, Cran Chi, Dragon Chi and Parallax.  Please see more about each product.

Testing analysis for our eLiquid products can be found below, under the “Product Testing” section next to our manufacturing video. Documentation providing legitimacy of our product packaging and their standards is available upon request.  Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.